This is a somewhat popular type of game, usually made for flash, that i ported to the Nintendo DS. You have to avoid blocks that are coming toward you. The longer you play, without getting hit, the higher score you get. Optionally you may upload your score to compete with other players.


  • Avoid blocks
  • Upload scores


  • Multiplayer feature
  • Random power ups


22 Responses to “BloxAvoid”

  1. Sam says:

    Awesome game, are you still developing? If so, could you add a progress bar to the scores download process, because I cannot tell if my cart has crashed or not… Thanks! :)

  2. Sulfyr says:

    Yeah it crashes like every second time or something ^^
    I have been bussy with lots of other projects, but i will fix it soon or at least add some timeout check :b

  3. Jericho says:

    I really love that game.
    can you tell me, what´s your highscore ?

    my highscore is something over 12.000 , nothing special. but i´m learning x)

  4. Sulfyr says:

    My highscore atm is 13497.
    You can allways check the scores at:

    Currently i am working on a new game (bomberman/dynablaster clone), but when i get the time i will make another release, fixing some bugs, like the highscore load/upload freezing.

  5. Jericho says:

    I´ve beaten my highscore. But anyway it´s still something over 12.000 xD

    Keep on producing x)

  6. Jericho says:

    Can i add some music to Bloxavoid ?
    Like other MP3´s.

  7. Sulfyr says:

    Yes but unfortunately the game doesn’t play MP3’s. Instead it plays module files: They are a lot easier to decode and play.

    I got the music for BloxAvoid from old crackintros and stuff. If you are interrested in this kind of music, you should check out Most module files can be played in VLC media player. Winamp supports a few of them too i think.

  8. name says:

    So where it to find?,

  9. name says:

    Help me to find the,

  10. Sulfyr says:

    Chill :P
    Find what?
    If you are trying to find the music from the game, i think i got most of it from If you’d like it, i can send it to you or post it here.

  11. name says:

    So where it to find,

  12. jericho says:

    Did they mean the game ?XD

  13. Sam/ByteMuncher says:

    Wow Sulfyr, your highscore is good… Nearly got you, with my awesome 13174 ;)

    Also, why does the second highscore entry appear like [name][score]? Just cannot have two identical entries, or…?

  14. Sulfyr says:

    Hehe :)

    I think the highscore thing is just some bug with the buffers.

    Instead of having multiple entries, your previous entry is updated, if your new score is better.

  15. Jericho says:

    So: My new highscore is 14379 ! Yeah. I thought i could break 15000 but it’s ok. When i got wlan back, i upload it. I could take a picture too.

  16. Bytemunch says:

    Will multiplayer be over “Ni-Fi” or Wi-Fi?

  17. Bytemunch says:

    Could you add custom textures, or is it coded in an awkward way? Thanks :)

  18. Sulfyr says:

    Preferably Ni-Fi or both. Not going to happen any time soon though :b
    Custom textures wouldn’t be too hard to implement. Maby i’ll add custom textures to the next release/version.

  19. Bytemunch says:

    Hey, sorry I haven’t been here for a couple of months…
    But that sounds cool :) Is this still active, or on hold?
    …or deaded? :)

  20. Sulfyr says:

    BloxAvoid is on hold for now. I’d rather be coding something new.

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